I’ll be gone for a week.  Downloaded the tumblr app for my phone but within five posts I was crying at the lack of xkit extension so if you want me to see something either put it in an ask or tag me.


Finally  broke 1000 meters today.  Which was probably not a good thing as I’ll be spending about 12 hours in sitting in a plane or plane-related places tomorrow.

100 free
50 breast
200 IM kick
100 IM
50 breast
50 free
50 back
50 dolphin kick
50 breast kick
25-50-75 free
50-75-25 breast (because i fucked up the count)

And now to try to find where my limbs fell off so I can make dinner.

Shit.  I just found out I’ve been pronouncing auxiliary (something providing additional support) as axillary (pertaining to the armpit).

You find out something new every day.

Man, everything I’ve been anticipating for a while’s happening this upcoming week.  The day after tomorrow I’m flying out to Virginia to see family, the day after that Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright FINALLY comes out on the DS and then the day I get back Hatoful Boyfriend is released on Steam.  So much excitement!

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Me too. I listen to it constantly and never get tired of it!

At my old job there was a guy that loved the movie too and since we worked closing shifts on the weekends together sometimes I’d bring the soundtrack in and we’d play it behind the counter.  Good times.

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Oh man, I forgot how much I love the Transformers the Movie (animated) soundtrack.  It’s full of the 80-iest of hair metal and a Weird Al song, there is no soundtrack that is superior.


X-Ray Image of a Winghead SharK 

The distinctive form of a winghead shark (Eusphyra blochii) is revealed by an X-ray image. The Winghead Shark, one of about ten species of hammerhead sharks, has its eyes set at the tips of its wide, T-shaped head, giving it superb binocular vision.

Credit: Sandra Raredon/Smithsonian Institution


X-Ray Image of a Winghead SharK

Look what came in the mail~

Look what came in the mail~

Oh shit, Ree wants to get into Boostle/comics?  I will send you every comic that I have, it’s just a question of where to start you.  I think I’ll defer this question to Jess who probably has a better idea of entry points than me (and also i will be linking just about all her fics because obviously).

A good place to at least get a taste for the characters would be Batman: the Brave and Bold episode Menace of the Madniks because even if there’s some differences in their (ted’s, mostly) attitudes, the total boyfriendness is still there (just ignore batman’s part in it).  Also you’ll already be conditioned to the fact that Ted is dead (and the heartache that comes with it).

I want to make some kind of Larkin-Ryker/Left-Right joke but I’m so annoyed it took me this fucking long to make that connection to think of one.