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Talking to one of my best friends on facebook, I think I finally figured out why I’ve been so devastatingly unmotivated: I don’t have any friends here.

I don’t mean I have no friends anywhere, I just don’t have any nearby.  The closest one I have is an hour and a half’s drive and we both have to plan for when we’re available to see each other.  I have no one near me to hang out with, to call up and decide, spontaneously, to have dinner or go to a movie or just show up at their house and chill on their couch.

Instead I’m just at home all the time, on the computer, waiting for something to happen because I can’t keep myself motivated to do things on my own all the time.  I really miss having someone close by.


I loved this so much. It was really one of the first times I saw a female character address sexism onscreen and it made a HUGE impact on me. She was scared, she was the girlfriend of one of the leads, but she was still capable, brave, intelligent and she was the girlfriend because she wanted to be, not because she had to be for the hero to have someone to save.

I love you, Dr. Satler. Never change. 

What always got me about this scene is that he is an old man that needs to use a cane and he STILL has the gall to imply that he’s better suited for this than a younger, able-bodied woman.

This is, sadly, not an unfamiliar scenario for many women.

Oh no, now we have a Blitzwing in the store.  I have such a weakness for triplechangers D:

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Okay, but think about it.  The night when they’re told they only have three days to live, Demo and Sniper sit around agonizing how to tell their respective folks, drinking until they’re so smashed one of them says, “You know what we should do in our last days?  We should make a band," and the other thinks this is the best idea ever and I guess they go to a town with an all-night music shop or something because the next day they suddenly have these instruments they don’t remember buying but may as well learn to play since they’ve got them.

Spy sees the instruments and asks for their assistance in teaching Scout some class and they agree because what the hell.  They proceed to make such a horrific cacophony that he stops them and asks, “Do you not know how to play?”

"Not really.  We decided to learn in our last days, I guess."

"You guess?”

"We were pretty pissed at the time."

And Spy just stares at them for a minute before saying, “I have never contemplated how to kill a man with a bucket of chicken but by God I am seriously considering it right now.”

I tell myself this same thing sometimes but I lost like all my old fic notes and I cannot afford the toy collection that comes with my regaining interest in the fandom.

No kidding, I’d have to catch up on the comics first and that’s at least two years of material.  Also I will admit that my renewed interest is partly due to the fact that we’ve gotten a couple TF toys in a few weeks ago.

I kinda… wanna get back into Transformers.

I got to hold a puppy at work today.  Anything else that happens is inconsequential because I GOT TO HOLD A PUPPY AT WORK TODAY

Applications sent.  Going to stave off pessimism of hearing back from any of these places by getting me a pizza.

Ugh, I really need to get off my ass and apply to these jobs even if my portfolio is still crap.

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