Still a ways to slowly go.


Still a ways to slowly go.

*to crying child* You want something to cry about?  I’ll give you something to cry about! *hisses* DC 52.


Artsy Fart of the Day: How to Turn a Flat Surface into a 3D Box

In this eye-popping live performance titled “Box,” San Francisco-based design studio Bot & Dolly bridges the gap between physical and digital space through 3D projection-mapping complex geometric patterns on moving surfaces.

looselipswreckships asked: "Hello friend. The almost home thing will be a full length movie. Gratuity Tucci or tip, the poc is the main character. But friend it is based off of an incredible book like please real "the true meaning of smekday" before you see the movie because trust me it's incredible like really. Tip is actually Biracial"

Ah, thank you for letting me know about the movie!  I’ve read the book before and loved it, but it’s been a while (especially since i managed to forget tip is biracial) so I’m definitely going reread it the movie comes out.

Also I encourage anyone else that has yet to read the book to do so.  It’s a lot of fun and there’s some adorable illustrations/mini-comics inside as well.  It’s an YA novel about a young WOC doing a roadtrip across the US with an alien- how is this NOT something you should read?

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Played the 2nd edition DC deck building game and was shocked as hell to find one of the main hero cards was Booster Gold of all people and he seemed to have an interesting mechanic. Also I have never played that game as badly as I did last night. Nightwing was worthless to me until the very end when everyone stopped buying the equipment cards out from under me. Bastards.


Not entirely happy with this page but I wanted to post it before I headed out for the weekend.  We’ll see about changes after everything is done.

bleep bloop


Not entirely happy with this page but I wanted to post it before I headed out for the weekend.  We’ll see about changes after everything is done.

bleep bloop

There’s all these sites and articles that compare the best of whatever before you make any kind of decisions: the best phones, credit card plans, tablets

But everything I find about making an online store is about where you should host your domain on.

I mean has no one really compared places like Zazzle and Society 6 and Cafe Press to see which ones give you the best value?




Last updated 2008. Hello gold mine.

Holy cow. It’s like El Dorado.

Believe me, I have trawled that list and all the authors in it for every drop of goodness.  But in case that’s not enough for you, here’s an even more extensive collection of Boostle fics for your lingering withdrawals.

Free to Roam (Fallout New Vegas)

Four months into the year and I only now post writing. Good god.

Title: Free to Roam
Fandom: Fallout New Vegas
Rating: G
Word Count: 290
Characters: Ryland, Sterling
Summary: The day Sterling left New Reno.

He checks the bag again- third time that morning -and all the pouches and pockets, going over and over the list in his head to see if anything’s missing, makes sure ammo is stocked and weapons in good condition. He goes over the route plotted on the map he knows will never be used and the list of contacts that might. There’s a million things that could go wrong but they don’t really bother him. There’s the one step that will lead to a million more into a world full of unknowns but they don’t bother him either. There’s days that will stretch into weeks and years that will be full of waiting and silent wondering but not even that bothers him.

The pouches get pulled away from him. “Time get going.”

Ryland looks up at his big brother- the rifle slung over his shoulder and the hat Ryland gave him after dinner last night on his head -and he swallows hard so he can smile. “Don’t want to wait until it starts getting hot.”

He follows Sterling down the steps and out the building. Follows him passed the courier building, passed New Reno’s flashing lights and embittered populace. Follows him until they hit the intersection that crosses between city and outskirts. Sterling turns and grins at him; Ryland can see relief in his eyes that Ryland isn’t crying or screaming or threatening him for leaving. Ryland smiles back up at him, wanting Sterling’s last memory of his little brother to be a happy one.

"I’ll see you later."

"Take care."

Ryland waits until Sterling vanishes beyond the crumpled remains of buildings before he leaves. Then he waits until he gets back home to cry and scream into his pillow.

I think I’m going to do something for this year’s Shark Week (since last years was a trainwreck of what the fuck are you doing): do a character design based off a shark species for each day.  For sharks other than great whites and bulls because there are so many amazing and under appreciated sharks out there that deserve attention.

I mean have you ever seen a wobbegong?

That shit is CRAZY.