Word Battle: North and Theta

Apparently the rttumblr chat is going to start a new thing called Word Battle that seems like fun.  This was written in 15 mins (ish) and is unedited.  Just trying to get back in writing North and Theta for a (much) longer fic.

He could feel Theta skittering around in his brain and North idly wondered if that’s what a hamster ball felt like, being thrown about in circles by the chaotic force inside.  "Theta.  Calm down.”

[Will not calm.  Cannot calm.  MyNorth was injured!  Theta let MyNorth get injured!]

"It’s just a minor injury, Theta.  A bruise at the most so stop worrying.”

[No!]  He was surprised to hear Theta growl, the childish echo of its voice turning it into an angry jet engine.  [No one can hurt MyNorth.  MyNorth needs to be safe and protected and alive-]

The warmth that North had always associated with Theta flared red hot in his mind.  It felt like mini-starbursts burning his brain and he snapped out, “Theta, stop!”

Abruptly the heat receded so fast it was like ice had been poured inside his skull.  Theta was a tiny pulse, wrapped in on itself protectively.  [Why is MyNorth angry with Theta?  Is it because I failed?]

North rubbed at his temples, trying to get his numbed, hypersensitive brain back in order.  "It wasn’t your fault, Theta.  Sometimes the enemy gets lucky.  You didn’t make a mistake, I wasn’t hurt badly and the objective was still complete, so stop worrying, okay?”

For a long moment the AI was silent but North knew it wasn’t satisfied.  It never was whenever North was put in danger.

[I have to protect MyNorth,] it said quietly and it hardly sounded like a child then.  [I have to protect everything that makes MyNorth happy.  I cannot lose MyNorth to anything.]

"Look, Theta- I’m going to get hurt sometimes.  Everyone is going to get hurt sometimes.  We’re in a war and we do dangerous things- it’s going to happen.  We have to try our best not to let it but sometimes it will.”

Theta retreated until North could barely feel it.  The certainty of its tone made North shiver.  [MyNorth will never hurt again.]

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